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Custom PJ Scout

Custom PJ Scout™
More Value From Your Current Recruiting Process.

Temple-Inland Forest, Donna Smart:
"Referring our Custom Job Page to every job seeker that I come into contact with has resulted in hiring a local Environmental Engineer. This applicant signed up to receive my job postings through PJ Scout's weekly emails. This feature has been very helpful, and continues to produce qualified candidates on a regular basis."

You're probably already getting full advantage from the applicants who contact you for jobs you have today. Custom PJ Scout™ helps you use this same group of job seekers to the fill openings you will have next month, next quarter, and next year.

Every day your company comes into contact with people who could be great employees sometime down the road--but you'll never hire them because there's never been an easy, inexpensive way to stay in touch with them. So every day a portion of the value you get from all of the hard work you do slips away. But with Custom PJ Scout™, you can stop these great future candidates from slipping through your fingers--with no extra work!

A resume sent to you for a specific position has a very short shelf life. After a few months, you no longer know if that applicant is still interested in working for your company. Moreover, when a similar but different position arises, you have no idea if the applicant would be interested in the new position. Sure, you could read through piles of old resumes and then call to see if any of the applicants are interested, but this process is extremely time consuming and therefore very expensive. For this reason, most recruiters start over from scratch and work to attract new applicants.

Custom PJ Scout™ is a tool to automatically communicate information about your new jobs to potential applicants who are already familiar with your company. It's a way to multiply the value of all of the efforts you're already making to attract candidates--while reducing the amount of work you have to do.


How It Works.

Custom PJ Scout™ is an automated e-mail update service--a job "agent"--just for your company. It's included free with your NationJob service.

Custom PJ Scout™ is extremely simple to use: a job seeker enters an e-mail address, then chooses to receive either all of your new job openings, or just a specific few. (Alternatively, your staff can set up an account for a job seeker.) The whole process can be completed in less than a minute.

When you have a new opening that matches the job seeker's criteria, they will receive an e-mail describing the position in detail so he or she can apply if interested.

This gives you the benefit of being able to reach job seekers who have contacted you previously, without all of the work involved in contacting them or managing their information: NationJob staff takes care of it all for you.

Custom PJ Scout™ makes your entire current process more valuable:

Leveraging Your Web Site.
Leveraging Job Fairs, Conventions and Other Events.
Leveraging Other Activities.


Imagine having thousands of applicants who are specifically interested in working for your company automatically informed about your new opportunities. Most of these will be coveted "passive" candidates--those already highly skilled and currently employed--but ready to apply if they're sent exactly the right opening with the right company. This candidate pool will continue to grow as long as you continue to recruit, and become more valuable with each passing day.

Custom PJ Scout™: the recruiting tool that makes all of your other tools much more valuable.

Call Today: 1-800-292-7731

Leveraging Your Web Site.

Most companies who recruit on an ongoing basis list their open jobs on their web sites, and most have success with this method. It's been cited as the third-most effective Internet recruiting method for the last three years in surveys conducted by Peter Weddle. The reason why it is successful is not because corporate web sites attract large numbers of job seekers, but because the job seekers that they do attract are there for a reason--they know something about the company and they specifically want to work there. You web site attracts job seekers who are already working in your industry; customers impressed with your products; and people who live in your neighborhood and know your employees.

But if these job seekers visit your site today and don't see a job they're interested in, they may never come back to your site again. With a link to your Custom PJ Scout™ page, (i.e., "Sign up to receive new jobs openings via e-mail") you can capture and update this audience of job seekers with new jobs on an ongoing basis--so they know to apply when you do have the right job for them.

Let's say you have 100 job seekers visiting your site each month, and you're getting one hire per quarter. Not bad. But if you could capture 50 jobs seekers a month with Custom PJ, by the end of a year you'd still have your 100 job seekers coming to the site, plus an additional 600 interested applicants being updated with new jobs via e-mail. How many hires could you make per quarter with 700 monthly contacts? And your web site is just one way to build your list of registered applicants.

Leveraging Job Fairs, Conventions and Other Events.

Attending a job fair is an expensive investment: in addition to the cost of the booth, you will expend a significant amount of staff time. On the plus side, though, you can generate a large number of interested applicants in a very short time. But, for most companies, the resumes from applicants you don't place right away just collect dust.

Conventions and trade shows are another great opportunity to recruit--there may be hundreds of qualified candidates in your industry--but HR usually doesn't even attend.

With Custom PJ Scout™, all you need to do is set out a sign-up sheet in your booth at these or any other events your company attends. Title it something like: "Interested in Working for Us? Sign up to Here to Receive Our New Job Openings". Ask people to write down their e-mail addresses and the type of jobs they're interested in. In less than a minute per applicant, your department's clerical staff can create an account for each person you want to update with new jobs, keeping that person informed indefinitely. How much more valuable does each job fair--or convention, or open house--become when you can capture the applicants and always let them know about new openings appropriate to their qualifications and preferences?

Leveraging Other Activities.

Any job seeker who contacts you and has an e-mail address can be signed up to receive new jobs. It doesn't matter whether they sent you a resume because they saw an ad in a newspaper; saw a listing on a web site; or just called in to your HR department. A message on your department's voice mail or job line can drive more people into signing up to receive new listings--as can a tag line in other advertising inviting job seekers to your web site. Every activity that brings your company in contact with potential applicants is an opportunity to sign more people up. The service even promotes itself. Each job listing has a link in it that allows the job seeker to forward that job to a friend. Each e-mail message sent to one candidate has the potential to go out to many others, each of whom can come back to your site and sign up for new jobs as well.

PJ also helps your relationships with applicants you reject. No one likes to be turned down for a job and can't help but have negative feelings about your company when they aren't offered a position. However, it does soften the blow when you do more than just promise to "keep their resume on file," but actually e-mail them new openings as they arise. Hiring is often a matter of timing, and showing candidates who were a close second that you do think they have promise helps soothe hurt feelings -- resulting in hires later on.

Communicating Opportunities to Your Current Employees.
Most companies tout that they are interested in the careers of their employees, and that they promote from within whenever possible. What better way to let your employees know you care about their advancement than to invite them to sign up to receive your new job listings via e-mail as they become available? Further, the more informed your employees are about the positions you have open, the more they can tell their friends about your openings and generate even more candidates for you.

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